Can the credit fee be paid by electronic banking?


The information to pay by electronic banking the mortgage loan fee is vital. Do not stay in the Neanderthal era. There are means of payment not only for your credit, but for your other bank obligations.

For people who are uncomfortable handling cash, and for those who are changing parallel to technology. Financial institutions are at the technological forefront, innovating means of payment. They do it through the Internet, cell phone, ATMs, data phones and 24-hour service lines for payment authorization.

The solution to all the cares of daily activities in terms of financial payments. No lines, or runs to the nearest or trusted bank, due to the radiation of your account. Only the registration of your authorization for withdrawal by electronic means, with the personnel of your entity is sufficient.


Benefits of paying for electronic banking

Benefits of paying for electronic banking

  • You can make a schedule with payment date of mortgage loan payment, and other monthly payments.
  • Check balances and movements, print their statements and sometimes their financial certifications.
  • Make bank transfers for other accounts or own accounts, by consignment or cancellation of money by personal negotiations.
  • Get cash advances to cover your purchases or payments of products and services.

When making transactions by these means, you can get text messages informing each movement. For example, the value and payment date of the mortgage loan.

The approval of your payments is done online with your entity , for your security and fraud mitigation.


Recommendations to pay for electronic banking

pay for electronic banking

  • Verify a secure connection to the website of your entity, when making all your inquiries and transactions online.
  • The passwords are personal , and for your safety they recommend using numbers and letters for their creation.
  • It is very important to keep your computer or cell phone protected with antivirus , to avoid information theft or fraud.
  • When you finish your transactions online, close the session , as someone can access your data and financial information.
  • Do not respond to emails that request personal information (passwords), or go to sites requested by outsiders. They can steal your data (hack) , to get valuable information.

With great caution, security and confidence are obtained by paying by electronic banking the mortgage loan fee and other banking services.

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