Joe Rogan Net Worth 2021: the king of podcasting!



Joe Rogan is a well-known American comedian and presenter with a net worth of $ 100 million! He was born in August 1967 and did not have the best of childhood. He grew up in Newark, New Jersey and was raised by an abusive father who was a police officer. On his podcast, Joe described his father as crazy and psychotic. His parents later divorced and Joe moved to San Francisco with his mother when he was five years old.

It’s surprising that Joe struggled with being bullied as a child, which led to him entering martial arts. Rogan, 13, became interested in karate and taekwondo. Joe still believes it was the best decision of his life. Joe eventually enrolled at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, but dropped out before graduating due to lack of interest.

Joe’s transition to comedy came from his time in the martial arts, the backstage of combat tournaments was extremely nerve-racking for Joe and his friends. To lighten the mood, Joe would make jokes, his friends would consider the jokes funny, and they would encourage him to try stand-up comedy.

To get his hands dirty, Joe’s first performance as a stand-up comedian was in an open mic session. After that he continued to perform at similar events and somehow grew his reputation as a fun artist. His jokes were crass and it helped him get bookings for bachelorette parties, but at this point it was all about survival.

Joe took a few jobs to pay the bills, taught martial arts at Boston University, ran a newspaper delivery route, and even worked hours as a construction worker. By 1990 and now 23 Joe had become a full time comedian. He managed to make a national television appearance in 1994 on NTC’s Half-Hour Comedy. Soon after, he started accepting acting gigs and worked as a post-fight interviewer for the UFC. Joe Rogan has been reported to earn an average of $ 50,000 per UFC event!

Joe’s first major claim to fame was featured on Fear Factor, he hosted seven seasons. The first six seasons attracted an average of 11.5 million viewers. You could see Joe’s popularity increase which helped his acting and comedian career.

In 2010, Aubrey Marcus and Joe worked together to develop a brand of supplements. The two had previously had a working relationship when Aubrey worked with Fleshlight, his stepfather’s male sex toy company. Fleshlight eventually became the first paid sponsor of Joe’s podcast in 2011.

When Aubrey approached Joe to discuss the possibility of entering the competitive supplement industry, Joe suggested that he start a brand of cognitive enhancers. Aubrey bought the idea and the duo teamed up to launch ONNIT. Joe has used his large online audience to promote the company and ONNIT has over $ 28 million in annual sales.

Joe’s main source of income is the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. While there is little information on what he earns from his show, some estimate that he earns up to $ 100,000 for each episode of the podcast. Initially, the podcast was launched with another comedian named Brian Redban. It started as a weekly news show, but has evolved into an almost daily show with massive audiences through YouTube and iTunes.

The show has had guest appearances from influential guests like Mike Tyson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Alex Jones and Elon Musk. Before being acquired by Spotify, the show regularly ranked at the top of Apple’s 100 Best Podcasts.

In May 2020, Joe’s podcast was acquired by Spotify but did not disclose financial details of the deal. However, the Wall Street Journal reported that it could be worth over $ 100 million! Spotify has invested heavily in Joe because they want to capture their loyal following and expand beyond audio content.

Joe Rogan’s rise to fame and wealth is truly an interesting story. The lesson here is to follow your passion and stay consistent. On YouTube, Joe has over 8 million subscribers and 9.5 million Instagram followers. In today’s digital age, attention is a precious commodity, but then you have to realize that it never happens overnight. you have to stay consistent, you have to constantly deliver an amazing experience to your audience. The Joe Rogan Experience has over 1,400 episodes and counts. In a week Joe can sometimes release up to three episodes and he went on for almost a decade, talking about insane engagement!

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