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There is a lot of money to save on switching to the cheapest mobile subscription available

There is a lot of money to save on switching to the cheapest mobile subscription available

There are currently many products to choose from, but few are aware of what is the cheapest in terms of consumption. This is a guide on just this.

Here’s what to look for when finding the cheapest mobile subscription :

Start by examining what it will cost to dial five-digit numbers. This is because it can often cost you more money in min.
Then check the price of regular services starting at e.g. digits 810, 815, 820 and 829 before dialing. These are common services that can cost you many dollars a minute. The most expensive telecommunications services are often the ones beginning with numbers 820 and 829.  Remember that it is expensive to use your mobile phone abroad, check what it costs for your operator for calls in eg. EU and EEA countries. Perhaps one of the most important things that can send your cell phone bill on the roof is data traffic abroad. You should be careful about using services such as wap here, and should definitely check your carrier’s prices for this. Many today also use email on their mobile phone, so you may want to turn off automatic synchronization of your email account.

The big question is which mobile subscriptions can be considered the cheapest today?

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After our check on we have fallen down that it is Ludo Mobil that comes out the best from this test.
Telecom prices are owned by the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority and here you get a completely objective answer to which mobile subscriptions are the cheapest.

Visit Ludo Mobil today and save thousands on switching mobile subscriptions!


Here is a selected cheap Ludo Mobile subscription:
Subscription Ludo Mobile Dice Box 6
Subscription type subscription
Family and friends
Establishment fee 0
Monthly fee 0
Invoice Fee 0
Minimum invoice 0
Starting price 0.59
Price per minute 0.79
SMS 0.39
MMS 1.30
Data traffic (cost per MB) 4.00
Data traffic max price per day
Computer traffic comment
Included ring minutes (NOK) 185