Some wealthy individuals fail to pay the national pension: The DONG-A ILBO


The number of people who do not pay national pension and only pay national health insurance has exceeded 240,000. When national health insurance is not paid, taxpayers are required to pay full medical bills. , while the impact of the unpaid national pension is relatively less tangible.

According to data obtained by Representative Baek Jong-hyun of the People’s Power Party affiliated with the National Assembly’s Health and Welfare Commission from the National Health Insurance Service, there were 241,237 people who did not ‘have not paid the national pension for more than six months among the number of people who have paid the national health insurance in full in a year.

The number included 53 wealthy people who pay more than 2 million won to national health insurance. Unpaid pensions by these people amount to 100 million won. This means that their annual income, estimated on the basis of a non-employer scheme and assumptions based on the absence of financial or real estate assets, exceeds 376 million won, but they do not pay any national pension. There were 350 people who did not pay national pension while paying 1 million to 2 million won each month in national health insurance. 3,077 people chose not to pay a national pension while paying 0.5 to 1 million won for health insurance each month.

During this time, only 4,083 people paid the full national pension but did not pay the national health insurance for more than six months. The total amount payable was 2.8 billion won.

The National Health Insurance Service sends a notice to non-contributing taxpayers after six months of payment failure after reviewing their income and the state of their assets. Those who have not made payments may not be entitled to health insurance benefits when visiting health facilities.

There is speculation that people intentionally do not pay the national pension because they consider the national pension to be financially unstable. “There are a growing number of people who do not pay a national pension because they question the financial soundness of the national pension,” said Representative Baek. “We need to increase public confidence in financial soundness and strengthen measures to deal with high value defaults. “


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